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Artist, Soul R&B Singer, Producer, Author, Actor

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The Real Cameron Clare

I'm a singer and songwriter: R&B, Soul, Dance, and Pop. I'm a multi-media content producer, author, actor, journalist, and historian.
I'm the editor of Clare's Weekly, which launches in mid August 2022.

New music out soon

I'm working hard on my music and have some stuff I'm putting out by November 2022; my EP will be out in 2023 as I'm taking my time with it: obviously, I don't want it to be shit. It won't be shit. Promise.

Being an actor

I love working with talented people. Sadly there's a lot of BS in the industry. I'm not one to suck up to casting people or go about things in the conventional way. If I'm right for a role, that's all that matters.

Being a provocateur

I believe in free speech, privacy, and a better internet. Some big tech giants don't, and they fuck with their users. I do not hold back when calling them out. I'm a proud supporter of EFF.ORG.

Clare's Weekly

Covering topics such as psychology, sexuality, opinionated news, art, cosmetics, music and media production, technology and reviews, astronomy, and the esoteric, Clare's Weekly breaks the rule of being a niche blog. That's why I call it a gazette. It's about living your best life, on your own terms, and loving every moment of it. The gazette launches on 11 August 2022, with new content being added weekly, and breaking news added ASAP. Contributors are more than welcome — visit the Contact & Enquiries page to get in touch.

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